The Shack is Mobile @ SXSW: Getting There With Tech

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The Shack wants to keep you mobile! Leave us a comment below for your chance to snag one of these great gadgets. 

Getting there is half the battle – you’ve heard that saying, right? That’s usually the case for me when I travel – especially when I venture to unknown places or embark on long trips. When I leave my hometown and make the journey to far away places, it’s necessary that I equip myself with travel companions who will lead me the right way and keep me entertained. 

I’m going to be honest here: I have a horrible sense of direction. I’m the girl that gets lost even when she follows the route provided by Google Maps on her smartphone. It’s true. So it’s a good thing I brought along a co-pilot for my drive down to Austin for SXSWi. I call him Tom – my TomTom (real original). So if you’re direction-challenged like me, I suggest you pick one up next time you hit the road. There’s no need to fuss with buttons or squint your eyes to read a map – the TomTom automatically updates you with the latest traffic information, recalculates your trip time, and even suggests alternate routes – all while mounted safely on your dashboard. 

Pandigital® Novel 7

Bored…on a 3 hour flight? Getting sick and tired of staring at the nothingness that passes you out the passenger window? Me too. I get bored to tears when I travel. That’s why I arm myself with an eReader on long ventures. Not only can you download books, magazines and newspapers from the Barnes & Noble online bookstore, you can also browse & surf the net with the device’s built in WiFi. Boredom’s seen better days. 


Gigaware™ 12V Vehicle Charger for iPod®  AUVIO® Pearl Buds (Serene Aquamarine)

Running out of battery on your trip is a nightmare. Literally, I’ve had dreams about this before. And the solution to that problem is simple: power. If you’re in the car, charge your iPod or iPhone with our Gigaware Vehicle Charger. Once it’s back up and running again, plug your ears with our AUVIO Pearl Buds and allow those tunes of yours to take away some of the pains of travel. 


UPDATE: We have selected our winners for this post. Check back for more giveaways! 


This is post 5 of 11 in the SXSW 2011 series


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  • Tiffany Sparks

    My tech gadget that always goes with me when I travel is my iPod. It is a must. Having music helps me stay more relaxed and carefree when traveling.

  • Telanis

    BlackBerry Maps are indispensable to me.

  • evic

    All those gadgets are great! What I fond very useful are backup batteries. Sometimes it is very difficult to find an open outlet to use a backup battery can save your device.

  • DarkoBWM

    If it wasn’t for GPS I would’ve never made it to South Dakota. GPS is by far the best invention ever for trying to get some where :)

  • Birdie S.

    I was @ radioshack yest. dreamin & now U invite me to win some of those gadgets I saw yest @ your Temecula Ca store….. maybe ny dream will come true….thx 4 the chance!!

  • Rica

    I’m still waiting for a good, affordable Bluetooth earpiece that I can use with my Blackberry (which I bought at RadioShack, of course!) to listen to music as well as answer the phone.

    That, and a LIVESTRONG Blackberry case.

    I will say that the GPS I got at The Shack this winter has proven to be my very best friend!

  • Katie B.

    I’d LOVE to not get lost anymore!!! TomTom please!

  • Nick

    thanks for the opportunity!

  • Curtis

    a must have on a plane ride is 3.5mm splitter so my wife and I can watch movies and shows on our laptop together.

  • Bessie Louise Burnsed

    I get around using my google maps. I print them out before leaving the office or home. I can get lost in my own neighborhood. Sad.. so Sad.

  • inthespot1

    The only gadget I take with me anymore is my iphone. It gets me there, entertains me along the way, and satisfies my gaming needs when I get there.

  • Justin

    USB chargers for all my electronics are indispensable – power up in airports, off my laptop, in the car. Just got an iGo charger – now I need to get all the tips!

  • @tammera111

    Love My Netbook!

  • amiegibson

    my little sister reads at the least five books a week so that e reader would be an awesome prize to win! As well as the headphones! That style is probably in my opinion the best out there right now!!!

  • Care

    My i-phone is a life saver…I don’t have it today, left it at home and I’m lost, been late and missing tweets and phone calls. I wish I was going to #SXSW, make sure you have your most needed item and have a fantastic time!!!

  • Mdmccurdy

    SXSW is a great event and I am totally gadget deprived!! I read recently about a cyclist who was hit by a car, the driver disputed that it was her fault. The police could not enforce any charges and the cyclist was not going to get any help from insurance as a result of the unwitnessed accident. The trip log from the cyclist’s Garmin was submitted to the police and insurance company, who immediately reversed the situation and it saved the guy a lot of heartache and headache!! YAY FOR GADGETS!!!!

  • stinabee

    I was using my smartphone, but now I need a gps. It is back to google maps for me, until I can nab a tomtom.

  • briandav

    I am on an airplane and travel alot and it gets so borring on airplanes without some kind of electronic device . My problem is all i have is my cellphone and AngryBirds requires data to play and i never have datat on my phone when traveling in the air. An Ipad,Nook,ereader ,tablet or something like that is what i need badly

  • Carlos Urreta

    I did a bike ride across the USA 2 years ago. I geeked out my bike and had GPS tracking my every move. It really helped my mom know where I was. If I were moving, she knew I was OK.

  • jake

    i’d be totally lost without my android phone

  • Jessica

    My tech gadget would have to by my iPhone…it does so many things and helps a lot. Although it stinks that I have to use my internet usage…I really wish AT&T had unlimited internet.

  • Alecia

    I need ALL of the prizes! I really need a GPS. And I’ve wanted an eReader for ages! I need to win something. Maybe it will get me out of my depression!

  • Alyssa Shumate

    I get where I need but could get there faster If I owned a gps.
    Help a girl out and send it strait here to TEXAS.

  • cathy

    If I had this maybe I wouldn’t get lost anymore.

  • Marie Leclerc

    I need a GPS to get across town!

  • MCJunkie

    I usually get lost until I do a google map search on my iPod. With the technology today no one should ever get lost. I do not own a gps yet but someday I will. I have seen how they work and it’s a plenty good tool to have in your car. I also like to plug my iPod into my car stereo for music. This is a must have along with my cell phone in case something happened on the road. Also it helps having one of the clean water tech bottles with you for drinking clean water anywhere. Another tech gadget is a portable DVD player for your passengers to watch a movie on.

  • Matt

    I agree with you on the ereader. It would be great to have on an airplane especially traveling for a few hours. It would also be great incase the person next to you wants to talk the whole time.

  • Anne Mostella

    We rely on before we take a trip…I love all these devices, and would love to have an e-reader to pass the time–I do have an ipod, and that helps :)

  • Tommy

    I need a blue tooth for when I’m in the car… I also need good headphones for my I-Phone (which I bought at the Shack)!

  • michael

    My high tech right now is my phone with free gps in it from t mobile. only thing it needs is a power booster to keep the gps going as long as i need it for when im walking somewhere, alkready got a car charger for when im driving. i would love to have an e-reader it would help me with my school work since i have a hard time reading books and regual books wont read to you

  • Stacy

    I need a GPS that shows me alternate/more scenic routes, for those times when I’m just exploring the backroads on my motorcycle.

  • Kevin Moore

    I actually use my HTC EVO 4G, which i purchased from Radio Shack to keep me mobile. That along with Google Maps Navigation, surely keeps me easy when traveling or when exploring the world.

  • skipollini

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip to Austin. One of my favorite cities in America. So good I rode my bicycle 1500 miles from MI to visit it!

  • Julie

    dropped the garmin and it no longer works. gps when travelling (even just around town) is a must have!!!

  • Patrick

    LOST (stop)
    PLEASE HELP (stop)
    THANKS (stop

  • Nikki

    I don’t leave home without my iPhone! Anywhere I go, there’s always somethig to do, AND it fits in my pocket! I have all of my Nook books (in case I leave the Nook behind), several games, email, Facebook, my check book, eBay, amazon, and so much more! So many apps to keep me busy and boredom at bay!

  • Brittany smith

    I really would love to win this and would really appreciate it. I travel everywhere with my iPhone that’s how I keep ip to date on everything. Cant live without it :)

  • Sheila K.

    I could really use some tech via the TomTom—I have absolutely no sense of direction!

  • Melanie Fry

    I want to win one of these prizes!

  • tom white

    i have allways used a map or stopped and asked someone something high teck would be nice

  • Amanda Owens

    My iPhone is the only thing that will get me from point A to point B. I’m the type of person that can not comprehend written or verbal directions. So, my iPhone map is a lifesaver!

  • Alex

    Gadgets do make life more convenient. See you @ SXSW!

  • @AndroidSithLord

    That is some mad niftiness to the max. Gonna need that Tomtom just so you don’t get lost in the crowd at SXSW.

  • Isaac

    I read a lot and so the eReader would be great not only would I not have to worry about bringing a lot of books along with me but the wind can’t turn the pages for me.

  • Nicole

    I could really use a GPS!

  • Ali

    I am completely lost w/out a GPS. Sadly, mine was stolen last year. I actually have to use a *map* now. WTH?

  • rahi

    ereader !!!!! I read alot would love to have one of those but all the prises are great!

  • Sandra

    Would love to have a GPS! Going out of town with the family to a new place would be sooo much easier. Since we all know Men do not ask for directions!

  • Toddbbq

    I travel alot and my Android phone and laptop are a must to kill time between stops

  • Bee

    We dont get out of New Hampshire often, but an upcoming trip to California will put the GPS and all our gadgets to the test!

  • Li

    I love my phone. Most useful gadget for travel

  • daffy

    I always bring my GPS with me … would love a more current one that includes traffic info … those are some great gadgets you’ve written about … have fun at SXSW

  • djdvip62

    Still using paper maps and do not own and travel electronics except a cell phone. Great Prizes and of them would be great to own! :)

  • TheAleMan

    Oh I want to win an HTC Inspire, my 3GS is dying.

  • Melinda Kaplan

    I would love to win the prozes especially since I have no sense of direction so anything that helps would be great. Thanks in advance

  • Nicole Dziedzic

    Want to win!!

  • mkleso

    Congratulations to Andreas Klöden and Team Radio Shack for his stage stage 4 win at Paris-Nice AND the leaders Jersey!! Maybe they had a little help from Radio Shack’s GPS!!

  • Alan Christy

    I have purchased every GPS I have ever owned from the Shack. They have indisputable best deals. The reason I keep getting new GPSs is well, they keep getting better and the Shack’s deals are too irresistable!

  • corandog

    I simply do not know how I can get by with out my EVO. I have found that it has replaced at least half of my computer related needs. Instead of firing up my desktop, laptop or even netbook I just go straight to my phone. It is faster and more convient. Need a place to eat?…check my EVO….can’t find it?….EVO….have to call to order?…EVO….Google, email, facebook, etc…it has it all in a smaller package!

  • Uncle D

    I and my motorola android like google maps when traveling.

  • rhsu

    best invention meant for men and the women next to them

  • keithkol

    Would love the charger or ear buds! Love Radio Shack too!

  • pgaloha

    These gadgets are the best…would love to win one!

  • Will

    Love the Shack! My Skullcandy Titan headphones are the best and guess where I got them?
    Oh yeah, love the new Shack commercials!

  • Wei-Choon Tay

    My wife would ometimes gets lost while she’s driving and would ultimately end up calling me, and I’d try and figure out where she is over the phone and get her back on track. A GPS would be a godsend on my sanity and reduce the stress! :)

  • Kevin Bell

    Our handy little GPA in the car really helps us get around well! It’s not 100% accurate (I didn’t think we’d even find this one movie theater in Bloomington, IN), but a whole lot better than relying on my navigational skills!

  • palarry

    Some people say that getting lost is half the fun of traveling . . . I’m the other half!

  • Joe

    Looks like a very good and useful package.

  • Brian G

    I wind up using the Mapquest for Mobile app on my iPhone a lot. That’s great when you have cell signal, but in a lot of places I go, I don’t have signal. What I’m saying is I could really use a dedicated GPS.

  • Crissy D.

    We moved to a new city recently, and bring from a small town, there is absolutely no way we could make it without our Tom Tom GPS. For awhile, we even needed it to get home from the grocery store. I am almost positive that it saved my marriage, too! Being copilot to a temperamental driver is not fun, now I just type in where we need to go, no worries!

  • Karen Willeford

    I have friends that ride along and direct me to the right location. I need a GPS

  • Cherie

    I am extremely directionally challenged and GPS is a must for me to get where I’m going!

  • Kim M

    Android phone, can’t leave home without it and all my favorites apps

  • clark olson

    those are cool gadgets alright , I would take the tomtom or the ereader.

  • Darrell Deshotel

    I have to rely on my memory to get where I need to go. I’m getting old and so is trying to find where I need to be without help. Help me

  • Christina

    I need to figure out how to get my parents on the GPS train. I don’t why they refuse to still use nothing but paper maps!

  • Ricktoon

    I have a GPS in my own car, but when I am on the road I rely on my Android phone navigation to find locations, restaurants, etc. It helps to have several options available for home or on the road.

  • Joni

    I WANT that Tom-Tom GPS unit! I rescue English Springer Spaniels from animal shelters & animal control kennels. I use a map (yes – a printed out paper map) to find my way to out-of-the-way shelters but I usually have to stop and have someone physically point me to the facility. My map doesn’t show many small county roads. A Tom-Tom would be so helpful.

  • Jason L.

    Paper maps

  • Stefanie

    I always travel with my mp3 player for the music & videos. Now I have a smartphone so that keeps me entertained & connected as well. I also like to read while traveling so an eReader would be nice!

  • serenityslr

    I would be lost without my Ipod and my Android powered phone. I have a new Tom Tom but the truth is that I used it a total of 6 times and it got me lost 5. I have never gotten lost with my Google Navigator on my Android phone. Would love to get an E-reader though. It’s the one gadget I don’t have.

  • Amandee

    I need a gps. No really, -need-. You know, necessary things: air, water, gps, food, shelter. I get lost in the next town over and my town only has a population of 7000. I have no sense of direction WHAT-SO-EVER. My gps that I got five years ago is broken now :( I avoid straying too far from home lol

  • Hillary Guillot

    I have to rely on my boyfriend to get me there. If I had a GPS, I could live a long and prosperous life. haha

  • michele

    we never go anywhere without the droid. we use it to listen to music, as a gps, and of course as a phone.

  • Jill H

    I currently have to use google maps on the computer at home before I leave to help me get places, but I’m trying to learn how to use the maps app on my phone. I’d so love to have a GPS. It would help me so much because I’m always getting lost.

  • Nikki Ozan

    I don’t get too far due to not knowing how to yet. Being a new driver I really need to be confident in my surroundings. I know this GPS is more than a prize to me. It will be a lifeline.

  • firefighter4

    I love my tom tom cannt live without it!!

  • RussD

    Love the GPS… specially with live traffic updates. They are a must have even when you know where your going!!

  • @Team_Android

    Those headphones look hip!! ;) lol

  • Kim Staton

    I have my phone to gps but that can be a pain and need a permanent device. Can you help me.

  • greg


  • Kim C

    I NEED a gps to get me somewhere i am not familiar with. This is a great giveaway ;) and technology is great!

  • Shelly

    I use my VZ navigator on my Verizon phone to get me from place to place! It would be GREAT if I would win the TOM-TOM!! I could drive hands free and be able to see where I am going on a screen bigger than 2×3 inches! I often think about how our lives have changed before all this great technology. You know WRITING down directions (turn left by the old red barn, drive about 2 miles and make a left by the old oak tree) LOL! AND if you get lost you stop at a payphone, deposit a quarter and call a friend to re-write those directions! If dad was driving on a long trip we actually had to make up games to occupy us…we didn’t have the option of listening to our Ipods or MP3 players, you listened to whatever staticy station came across the radio. Ahhhh technology! I LOVE IT!!

  • Shannon Baldus

    Fortunetly I’m good with knowing how to get places but to get somewhere out of my known area, I could easily get lost. I dont want to get lost. Help me keep on track

  • John P

    I use the GPS system. It’s made traveling for work around the country much less confusing. Important when you are driving somewhere late at night after flight delays.

  • Chris

    I love all my gadget. My iPod touch never leaves my pocket. My Garmin is always in my car (well, whenever I leave town at least). I still have a problem with Bluetooth headsets though – never found one that stays on my ear correctly or feels comfortable.

  • Donna L

    I would not go on vacation without my GPS. It has gotten us out of gettinig lost so many times.

  • Susie Mckay

    I use my blackberry to get where I need to go. Sometimes that does’nt work so knowing when needed how to get to you location is critical in my job. I travel alot.

  • iPayStation

    It’s Generation-M! We need more & better mobile devices & power solutions for life on the go!

  • Sarah

    What can I do to win that TomTom? I’d really, really like one :)

  • Scott Y.

    I’m a mostly a bike commuter, so I small devices & multipurpose devices are the key. My iPhone is such a lifesaver at times, I also have a case for it that is an extra battery. When you bike commute you want devices that are a bit more rugged. I do love GPS systems, most of my friends have one. I’ve borrowed one before for a small road trip and it was so useful.

  • Laurel Franklin

    I have to find a map of where I need to go and that just stinks.

  • Bleek

    I gotta have my tunes!!!

  • Environ2

    iPhone hands down… It’s the Bat Belt in the palm of my hand… I’m just waiting for the Taser app.

  • Trinette Rani

    I don’t go out the house without my iPod touch or iPhone.
    I charge it up the night before and make sure I have my favorite pair of headphones.
    If I am going to a friends house by bus, I use Metros new app for schedules and Google Maps.
    It’s enough for me to see the streets I know and easier to know the way the bus goes.
    When going outside Ohio via Greyhound, I use MapQuest or Expedia app along with Greyhounds new app. Only thing I hate about the iPod touch is you need open Wi-Fi.
    Luckily I use a great Wi-Fi finder app from Boingo and FindMyWIFi.
    When in route and bored my two hour playlist gets me thru along with Apple’s new iBook and Game Center.
    I don’t know where I’d be without my iPod touch.

  • Jim Wiliams

    My iPad goes with me whenever I travel. The maps are amazing and keep me going in the right direction.

  • aleut

    GPS is a must have, as well as some form of entertainment. I have my cell phones, but even the HD2 screen is a little to small for my ebook reading. I also carry my digital camera and camcorder, and yes I know my phone can take photos and video and both cameras can do both, but the digital camera has much higher quality and the camcorder is water proof to 10 feet. My iPod also goes everywhere with me.

  • Airreall

    I get places with technology by using an atlas. I literally have no navigating devices, I just use instinct and asking for directions.

  • sweetone624

    I am sorta old fashion. I don’t have web hooked up on my phone, so I use mapquest before I leave and print out directions. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Shelley Johnson

    I love my gps. I would just drive in circles forever without it!

  • DWL

    They need to allow a one time upgrade to your maps on a GPS before sticking you with a minimum of $50

  • Julie Sharwtz

    I think this item is a must have for all shared on facebook ty

  • Doha A.

    My HTC EVO is an all-in-one for me when I travel. Music, Email, Videos, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Angry Birds….Everything you need in one device, for hours of entertainment!

  • dased14

    me and tech go everywhere together tab for movies, and games, google maps for trips(had a gps but got stolen) smartphone for texting,web,much more.. iI take some sort of tech everywhere

  • Lexiquin

    I don’t have tech…so, it doesn’t help me get anywhere!
    Maybe you can change that?!?

  • thinkdifferently36

    The Shack is all about winning!

  • Matt

    I love messing around on my iPad when I am waiting at airports or riding in the car.

  • @Team_Android

    RadioShack = #Winner, you see the red in their logo? #Tigerblood!

  • Kathy Luman

    I just got a new HTC Evo phone and the battery life is horrible. I got the biggest battery for it and I still have to keep it on the charger constantly. Thank goodness for car chargers. I charge my ipod on the computer.

  • Vlad33141

    I hate walking, but if I have my iPhone and some headphones you could sent me to the other side of the world , and I won’t complain. Everyday I ride my bike back home, it’s 9.48 miles long, I would be so lost if I didn’t have my music with me. Yeah that’s ride I’m the crazy guy singing on the bicycle, on your left lane.

  • babalu07

    i have purchased a navigon gpS And i hpe the shack will upgrade me

  • Jeremy C

    My iPhone goes everywhere with me and does everything for me.

  • squirrelburrito

    I’ve got to say, with an almost-3-year old, most of the tech I travel with is largely to keep her occupied and happy. Whereas it used to be all battery operated, annoying at best baby toys, now it’s a Nintendo DS and portable DVD player. I’d love tech toys for myself when we’re out and about, but my lighter socket already rotates between keeping baby girl’s toys charged and my radar detector running flawlessly. Someday, when the bulk of the crumbs are finally rid of the back seat, I’ll upgrade!

  • thepayles

    I use a GPS Daily, but I would not be able to travel by car if it were not for the dual monitors for the kids to watch a movie. Keeps them entertained and me at peace.

  • Akakhanh

    I always have my iPod with me no matter how far the trip, gaming, music, some movies and I’m set! I get to my destination before you know it!

  • Cole31

    No trip is complete without my GPS!

  • Sally

    I would love a GPS! My husband says I don’t need one as long as he is driving. I still want one, it does more then he thinks. I love all tech gadgets!!! An e-reader with the net would be awsome! The Shack has so many great items, it would be so nice to have the money to go in and say—I’ll take 1 of everything please!!! What a dream.

  • Keklar

    I’m a big fan of the GPS on my phone, always best way to get around :) I also like to use other apps like Foursquare to find good restaurants around places I’m not familiar with.

  • dougie

    I never hear my wife complain about gettin lost with gps on phone and one mounted on dash. Pretty much saved my marriage.

  • dougie

    Charging everything is a challenge. Need a large docking station at beachhouse and home to keep everyone charge and in large. Any suggestions?

  • Tom Land

    Recently had to find a doctor’s office that is not close by. Using the navigation feature on my device allowed me to home into the exact location with little trouble. Then I was able to find a place to eat nearby using the restaurant location feature. There are times where the navigation to places important but unknown are better with something that does not need to be folded or stared at while driving to find your way.

  • dougie

    45 minute train ride twice each day goes by so fast with a sonyericsson experia 10. Read twitter, facebook train website cnn twitter with fonzie listen to howard stern. Good thing I ain’t drivin. Notice I said nothing about charlie. WINNING. As my kids say Peace!

  • gsjedi

    Ireader would be a perfet way for me to keep my mind occupied while flying. Any thing to keep my mind off the fact that im 20 thousand feet in the air.

  • John Gulich

    I was just at Radio Shack today, buying some rechargeable batteries for work. I travel all over the state of Michigan doing service calls, so I literally need to have a GPS, and an ipod for some good music. I was talking with a customer today on one of my service calls, and we discussed how far technology has come, since 20 years ago. I can’t imagine just relying on a regular paper map anymore, even though that was my main form of accurate direction, whenever I needed to get anywhere. I’m so thankful for tech gadgets TODAY, and GPS! :) Plus thank you Radio Shack, for making tech products so accessible & affordable!

  • babalu07

    give me pandigital

  • Joe

    Need an eReader for those long flights!



  • lexwang

    I always rely on my GPS getting anywhere. Many times I use it on my way to work, just so I don’t miss a turn. I use it when I take an unexpected detour (i.e. an accident) to get me back on track. I have even loaned my GPS to a friend for a trip she took. It was a good thing because her car broke down and had to call for a tow. She could tell the dispatcher exactly where she was. When she got home, she bought herself one.

    In the quiet times waiting for a flight, I rely on my MP3 player. I can sample the local radio stations or listen to my own library of music.

    These two devices help make getting there, easier.

  • tiny

    I would to win you guy are really good about selling nice things

  • tiny

    I love my evo its has everything I need

  • mac

    I love all the new tech items

  • milagro

    I want to win.

  • danielle rebitski

    i have to have my music, it helps me relax and unwind before a big day at work. plus it helps my two month old sleep in the car while driving

  • Eric

    Where else can you buy resistors, transistors and capacitors other than Radio Shack

  • BER

    I already have two XXL 540s but one more wouldn’t hurt! Love ‘em!

  • Ann P.

    lol. I didn’t know there were more direction challenged girls out there. Gotta say I love my Kindle! Battery life is amazing and makes me want to throw my android 3g phone against a wall. XD

  • David Fotheringham

    Hello from SXSW!

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