Keeping Tabs on the Tablets

Unless you’ve been hiding under a desktop, you’re more than aware of the massive influx and popularity of tablets – those thin, sleek, Wi-Fi hungry devices that are the next big smallest thing. The Shack team had the pleasure of attending the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show and practically every booth had a tablet on display (or a 3-D something-or-other, but I’ll save that for another post).


Some soothsayers predict tablets will soon outsell laptops, and there’s even a rumor-generating $35 tablet that I’m hoping will come to fruition.


I can’t say for sure that tablets (or slates as they’re sometimes called) are the definitive future of computing, but there is one thing I can say without a shadow of a doubt – they’re awesome.


Here’s a rundown on some of the hottest tablets/slates I’ve seen to date.



The iPad made major waves when it first dived into the tablet market, and essentially turned a blow-up kiddie pool into a full-on Water Park Thunderdome. The hardware is stunning, yes, but it’s more than beautiful – it’s smart. With its incredible OS and the massively deep well of available apps, it’s easy to see why it’s a market leader.


Samsung Galaxy Tab

Unless you have hands like an NBA player, you’ll truly appreciate the size of this 7.4″ x 4.7″ masterpiece of design. It seems to be the optimal size for one-handed Web surfing (fully Flash compatible) and eBook reading (high pixel density = crisper type). Dual cameras help you capture both sides of the story and a surprisingly powerful battery will keep you going well past the time your significant other (or mom) tells you it’s time for bed.

BlackBerry PlayBook

Are you a multi-tasker who loves to get the most out of each and every thing you’re taking on simultaneously without even stopping to wipe the technological sweat off your brow? Then I’ve got the tablet for you. The PlayBook has a crazy powerful dual-core processor and an OS that will multi-task your khakis off. It supports Flash, Adobe Air and HTML-5 so you’ll never wonder if you’re getting the most out of the Internet. The bad news? You can’t buy it. Yet. It’s scheduled to launch (powered by Sprint) soon, but the date hasn’t been announced. When I hear, I’ll BBM it to you.

Dell Streak 7

Get ready to consume some serious content. This lustrous 7″ tablet is equipped with a WVGA screen that’s perfect for browsing the Web, watching vids, reading books, playing games and chatting with friends. Speaking of friends, that fancy screen is also equipped with Gorilla® glass, so when you shout out, “OMG, look at this!” and toss your newly purchased Streak 7 across the room to your BFF, you’ll know it has a good chance of surviving. You can expect it to arrive on the T-Mobile 4G Network very, very soon.







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