Pinball Winner: Andrei Massenkoff

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Maker Mondays: Jose Hernandez-Rebollar

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Each of the long work tables in the main room have these power strips in the center for easy laptop use.


Maker Monday: Dallas Makerspace

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Giveaway: Toys!

Check out our top 5 recommendations for smart gifts for kids this year! RadioShack has all kinds of toys to fit any kid’s interests. If your child is a maker and loves building, then they will love toys like littleBits, Roominate, and a Robotics Kit. If your child is an adventurer, then they will love toys like […] Read more


5 Smart Gifts for Kids in 2014

Toys have come a long way from the old ring and pin games over the years and this year’s toys have a higher bar than ever for making learning fun. But with an overwhelming amount of toys arriving in your inbox every day, we thought we would help shorten your shopping list to five toys […] Read more


5 Tech Trendy Gifts for 2014

You know that person on your list … they have every gadget? They know the best apps, they seem to have the latest gizmo before it comes out, and they wait in line for things. They’re called Early Adopters, and you want to make their holiday, but if you’re not tech-savvy yourself, it might be tough […] Read more


Giveaway: Stocking Stuffers

Check out our top ten suggestions on stocking stuffers this year! While you’re out buying Christmas presents from everyone’s list, it’s easy to forget about stocking stuffers – small, simple gifts that people might not realize they want, but will end up asking themselves how they ever lived without! For example, a Selfie Stick – no more awkward […] Read more


10 Smart Stocking Stuffers for 2014

You’ve got most of your gifts ready (maybe even wrapped) and you’re counting down the days until it’s time to celebrate the holidays together. While our shopping expenses can take on a life of their own around the holidays, sometimes it’s that unique, thoughtful thing you found that was just perfect for that someone on your list. […] Read more


Maker Monday: Project with littleBits and Arduino

Adding the littleBits Arduino at Heart module to my littleBits Korg Synth Kit has opened up some exciting project options. If you’re not familiar with Arduino microcontrollers, this is a great way to get your feet wet. I started off using the littleBits Synth Kit to play a few simple beats and patterns, but I’m not a […] Read more


Giveaway: What’s on your GiftSmart Wish List

The holiday season is all about giving and making wishes come true, and we want to be a part of the magic! Doesn’t it always seem like Santa knows just what we want for Christmas? Well, this year RadioShack is going to be your Secret Santa by making your wish list a reality. All you have to […] Read more


#HackYourHoliday: A Recap of Our NYC MakeAThon

Over the past couple of weeks, we held meetups around the country for fans of littleBits to DIY together and enjoy the company of other curious inventors-in-the-making. This past weekend, we held a MakeAThon in Times Square, NYC and were thrilled to see so many of you join us to make your own ornament! If you missed the local meetups or the MakeAThon, […] Read more